Team-ActiveMed Integrative Health Center

ActiveMed Health Center is dedicated to provide exceptional Natural Medical services to assist you with your health and wellness goals. We believe in treating the “whole body”- Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We maintain a natural, less invasive and effective form of care by utilizing knowledge of the ancients. We blend our techniques with modern technologies to deliver truly Holistic Medical Care. Many of our therapies have been proven effective and have been used for thousands of years, treatments such as Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy and herbal medicine are just a few of those proven methodologies.


the best and the brightest


Matt Alavi, L.AC, DIPL. OM

ActiveMed Health Center is founded and led by Matt Alavi, L.Ac., Dipl. OM, a highly experienced Acupuncturist with over 13 years in practice. Matt has become a leader in the field of Acupuncture & Natural Medicine and his passion is helping people get well. The team at ActiveMed is comprised of a group of highly skilled individuals and physicians with a common goal, taking a unique approach to diagnosing and reversing the underlying causes of chronic conditions that our patients face on a daily basis. At ActiveMed, we provide the best quality of care you need and deserve.



The ActiveMed Medical Staff is a dynamic team of Physicians with diverse talents ready to serve you to get you well and keep you that way.