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ActiveMed Integrative Health Center offers traditional Eastern medicine in Encinitas, Poway, and San Diego. This includes Chinese herbal medicine.

What is chinese herbal medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the main treatment methods within traditional Chinese medicine. Its written history stretches back more than 2,500 years and its practice is far older than that. Although Acupuncture was the first Chinese modality to gain wide acceptance in the West, Chinese herbal medicine is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular and effective alternative therapies.

Now, this branch of traditional Eastern medicine is also popular in Poway, Escondido, Encinitas, and the surrounding areas.

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How are chinese herbs prescribed?

Taking a Chinese herbal prescription isn’t being given a certain herb to treat a certain symptom, such as a headache. Chinese herbal medicine formulas are specially designed by our skilled practitioners at ActiveMed Integrative Health Center in San Diego County, CA. Herbal medicine, when properly practiced, takes into account the whole patient, looking not just at their symptoms and disease, but also at their individual constitution, emotional temperament, and dietary habits. A properly crafted regiment of herbs is therefore unique to each patient and targeted to treat them specifically. A formula consists of as few as 2 herbs and up to 18 or more, each picked to address the main symptoms as well as their base pattern. If the individual’s pattern or manifestation of disease is not taken into account when prescribing herbs, the disease process will either not improve or it may get worse. The effects of herbs are extremely powerful and should not be underestimated. These are safe and side effect free substances, when used and prescribed appropriately.

Are all the "Herbs" Vegetable in Origin?

While the majority of the herbs used in the Chinese herbal medicine are the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, bark, and rhizomes of plants, the materia medica uses ingredients from all three kingdoms: vegetable, animal, and mineral.

How Are the herbs taken?

The traditional way was to brew a decoction by boiling the raw herbs for about 30 minutes to an hour, straining them, and drinking them 2-3 times a day. At ActiveMed Integrative Health Center, we mainly use highly concentrated powdered extracts of herbs, manufactured under strict GMP standards. With these extracts, we can fully customize a patient’s formula to deliver a concentrated, precise, easily digestible dose of herbal medicine. Just mix the prescribed dose of powder into warm water, mix, and drink. We also use combinations of “patent” medicines, herbal pills and tinctures of concentrated medicine. Raw herbs are also used in the form of external liniments to treat dermatological, orthopedic and neuromuscular disease, such as bruising, varicose veins, broken bones, and eczema.

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What Can chinese herbal medicine treat?

This popular traditional Eastern therapy in San Diego treats the full range of human diseases, including acute diseases such as intestinal flu and the common cold, as well as chronic diseases, such as allergies, gynecological disorders, autoimmune diseases, chronic viral diseases, chronic pain, and degenerative diseases due to aging. In particular, Chinese herbal medicine is especially good for promoting the body’s own ability to heal and recuperate.

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Can Children take Chinese herbal medicine?

Yes, pediatric medicine is a specialty within Chinese medicine, with smaller doses of herbs in more easily administered forms, such as powder, pill, or liquid. Chinese herbal medicine can treat colic, fussiness from teething, earache, diarrhea, cough, fever, and insomnia in babies and children

Can Pregnant Women Take CHinese Herbs?

Yes. Chinese herbal medicine has been used for over 2,500 years to treat disease and symptoms during pregnancy. If prescribed by a professionally trained and licensed practitioner, herbs can be taken with no harm to the fetus. Likewise, lactating mothers can also safely take Chinese herbal medicine if prescribed by a trained practitioner.

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How long does it take to see the results?

In acute conditions, results can be expected in a matter of minutes. In chronic conditions, some results should be seen within two weeks. Although, chronic conditions may require taking Chinese herbal medicine for a long time, some signs of improvement should be apparent to the patient and practitioner as the regiment continues.

Who is Qualified to prescribe chinese herbal medicine?

In California, all acupuncturists must pass a licensing test that includes Chinese herbal medicine. We, at ActiveMed Integrative Health Center in San Diego County, CA, take pride in our handcrafted herbal formulas, artfully designed to treat a variety of conditions. Schooling for that licensing test is an intensive 4 years of study. In addition, the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) has created a certification process for Chinese herbal medicine. Although Chinese herbs are safe when professionally prescribed by a trained, knowledgeable practitioner, they are strong medicine nevertheless. Therefore, it is important that a practitioner be adequately schooled and experienced in their use. Our acupuncturists at ActiveMed Integrative Health Center are professionally licensed by the California Acupuncture Board and NCCAOM.

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