Testosterone Therapy in Encinitas and Poway

We offer natural and bio-identical testosterone consultations in our Encinitas and Poway, CA office. Hormone balance is key to optimal health. We don’t believe that your hormones need to be skyrocket high, however, your testosterone should be in optimal ranges and balanced.

The endocrine system is a finely tuned symphony of hormones and chemical signals that communicate and balance many other parts of the body including the immune and nervous systems. It is so important to keep the Neuro-Endo-Immune systems working properly. If one hormone is too low there can be health issues and issues can present if one hormone is too high. Improving the communication processes of the body is the most important – not just raising hormones to high levels.

Our doctors are specialized in providing the most balanced testosterone replacement therapy for optimal health.

Low testosterone may be associated with symptoms such as: low libido, decreased muscle strength and mass, low energy, depression, insomnia, weight gain and loss, poor cardiovascular health, sexual dysfunction, mood changes, lack of motivation and many other metabolic issues.

Neuro-Endo-Immune balance is important for all disease states including infections. The Key is Balance!

We will run appropriate lab work and develop the right treatment plan for you. Remember – you are unique and so is your hormone profile.

Our natural testosterone program in Encinitas, California involves herbs and supplements and our bio-identical hormone program involves actual replacement of hormones. Sometimes we use a combination of both.

Nervous system
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