PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy in Encinitas and Poway

ActiveMed Integrative Health Center offers platelet-rich plasma therapy and prolotherapy in San Diego. Both therapies are less invasive, non-surgical regenerative injection treatments that stimulate natural healing for injured and painful tendons and ligaments.

PRP Therapy


Prolotherapy treatment involves injecting a mixture of substances, with the use of a slender needle, to the site near the injured ligament, tendon, or muscle tissue. The substance is an irritant solution that creates a mild, controlled injury that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes in order to lay down new tissue in the injured area.

The most common type of this treatment is dextrose prolotherapy, which uses a concentrated solution of dextrose or saline water as an irritant agent. It effectively raises growth factor levels and promotes tissue repair, and reduces or eliminates pain in the injured area. It is often used to treat chronic back pain, ligament and tendon injuries, and bursitis. It also helps manage the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a type of prolotherapy that uses concentrated platelet-rich plasma to repair and regenerate tissue in the injured or weakened area. The process begins with the extraction of blood from the patient, after which the sample is spun in a centrifuge. The method discards the red blood cells, and leaves the platelets to become super concentrated.

The platelet-rich plasma is full of connective tissue growth factors that not only stimulate the natural process of tissue repair and healing, but also cause the production of new collagen and cartilage. The new collagen strengthens the freshly repaired ligament and tendon tissues, making these more elastic. As a matter of fact, many athletes who’ve undergone this treatment have performed proficiently in their sports, even after having sustained serious injuries.

PRP therapy is ideal for chronic tendon and ligament sprains, knee sprains, shoulder pains, hamstring and hip strains, and rotator cuff injuries. It can also be helpful in managing the pain of osteoarthritis sufferers.

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