Activemed is an amazing place, I can't say enough good things about this integrative health center. I have received acupuncture from Ioanna, Dana, and Matt and all three are wonderful. I sought them out for support with fertility treatment and am thrilled to say that we are now expecting. They are all very knowledgeable and each have their area of expertise. Kimberly at the front desk is outstanding, she is so friendly and takes great care of all the patients. I feel very lucky to have found Activemed and definitely recommend them to anyone looking for acupuncture treatment.
Lani N. Poway, CA
My friendship with Matt began when I was involved in a terrible accident that altered course of my life. The damage and effect of the accident would have had a much more negative impact on my life without the help of Matt. Before the accident I was an accomplished student athlete at Poway High School. As a wrestler at the high school, I had many accomplishments such as, finishing 4th in the state of California and having many division 1 scholarship offers. The summer before my senior year I acquired a bacterial infection known as Staph in my hip and in the ball in socket joint of my shoulder. The Staph greatly impaired my walking and mobility for 8 months and I was subjected to the use of a wheelchair. After all the surgery’s and treatments I decided to try and wrestle my senior year.

A family friend Mrs. Daube had been taking her son to Matt for reoccurring neck problems. His neck problems were quickly resolved do to the great effects of acupuncture. After seeing Matt once I experienced visible improvements in my walking, strength, and mobility. After my positive experience I visited Matt twice a week for therapy and strength training. After a few months of acupuncture I was able to continue my wrestling career and was able to obtain a college wrestling scholarship offer. Thanks to Matt my college-wrestling career has been successful and will continue to be. In all honesty, without the help of Matt and his acupuncture I would not be where I am today. Furthermore, I consider Matt a personal friend and continue to seek treatments from his acupuncture center.
Anthony A. Poway, CA
Dr. Ioanna Vouloumanou is excellent in her care and getting results! I've struggled with GI issues for most of my life. She saw where my body needed support and most importantly she helped me shift my perspective on my health and life and was able to fully integrate my mind and body to heal. She is kind, warm and smart. I can fully refer her with confidence.
Ariadni S. Newport Beach, CA
Dr Dana. is very caring and gives her upmost to heal you from your injuries. If you want to try other forms of medicine, please try Dr Dana, who will speed up your recovery.
Nadar A. San Diego, CA
Matt Alavi has been helping me for 5 years. When I first came to him I had difficulty walking due to arthritis in my knees. After just one treatment my energy level had soared and after about 3 weeks of treatments I was pain free. I see Matt on a regular basis for “tune-ups” to keep my energy up and have him deal with any issues I may be having. I believe that God has blessed Matt with wisdom and knowledge to help and to heal. His skill is great and much appreciated.
Pat L. San Diego, CA
Ioanna has been helping me with sciatic nerve issues resulting from a fall I had. I was skeptical about acupucture but changed my opinion after two sessions. She is very knowledgeable about the body and what it needs. The stimulation really reduced the pain and made it very manageable. I highly recommend her.
Roger G. Escondido, CA
Matt Alavi and Acupuncture gave me my life back. I have two autoimmune diseases and was taking several pain pills each week (Vicodin) and sleep aids at night (Klonopin). Immediately upon starting the acupuncture the pain resided and I was able to stop pain pills (and not have pain) and after two months of acupuncture stop the sleep aids and sleep fine at night. Prior to acupuncture, I was very fatigued, going to bed to rest at 5 PM and asleep at 7 PM. The fatigue has gone away such that I go to sleep at 8 or 9 PM, with not having to rest first. I did not think feeling as good as I do now was possible. I have been under excellent aggressive conventional treatment for two years and that treatment did not bring near the relief that acupuncture did. I needlessly suffered before starting my acupuncture treatments. I would go into an acupuncture session with generalized pain, fatigue, headache, depression and anxiety and after the session all the symptoms had gone away and had a productive day. I was unaware that acupuncture could treat such a broad range of symptoms (fatigue, anxiety and depression) and have relief so quickly. When I started treatments I was at my absolute low point and now I am leading a good life. Prior to acupuncture I could not take hot temperatures and had to remain in climate controlled environments (which is common for autoimmune diseases).

Now I am able to withstand much hotter temperatures. I also had balance issues and double vision. The acupuncture has improved both the balance and double vision. Prior to acupuncture I had too much weakness and fatigue to hike our local trails, now I can easily hike 3 miles. I like Matt’s honest and straightforward personality. It makes going into treatments an enjoyable pleasure. Matt is very knowledgeable and helpful in a lot of areas. The office staff is very considerate and nice. It is a very convenient easy to find location. North County Integrative Acupuncture Center handled everything flawlessly with insurance such that it was not work on my part. I strongly recommend Matt Alavi and ActiveMed Integrative Health Center to everyone.
Carol B. San Diego, CA
I was very unsure of acupuncture and cupping but was recommended by friends I trust. Ioanna made it very easy to understand holistic systems and was able to help me understand the difference between western & eastern medicine. After having an injury since high school, she was able to greatly reverse the damage and provide relief in just 3 months. I've learned there's no quick fix in eastern medicine and you must take care of yourself on several different levels ie: nutrition, exercise, treatments. They make it super easy to understand and are now friends for life.
Greg Maestro. San Diego, CA
Matt Alavi is simply the best Acupuncture practitioner I have been treated by in the past 10 years. I would recommend him anytime. The Center is a bit out of the way, but clean, spacious, staff is friendly and i order some supplement through them.
Sophie T. Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Alavi healed my knee pain after just one visit. I went from a skeptic to a believer! If you have chronic pain or a lingering injury, I would recommend calling ActiveMed and giving acupuncture a try. It's worth it!
David D. Encinitas, CA
Dr. Ioanna has helped me with my chronic and superbly stubborn Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She is incredibly knowledgable, caring and I can tell she is passionate about helping people change their lives! I've dealt with this problem for well over 10 years and because of her not only do I understand the why of it, I no longer have to live with it! I highly recommend this amazing person for any of your health concerns.
Sarah M.
Dr. Matt Alavi is amazing!

When I was diagnosed with B6 toxicity and peripheral neuropathy this past March, my primary care physician wanted to prescribe me pain pills as a solution and I definitely did not want to go that route. I was in so much pain and had extreme fatigue from the toxicity, it was interfering with my daily life. Thankfully I read that acupuncture can help alleviate the pain and I found Dr. Alavi.

I visited him at his Rancho Bernardo location by Pomerado Hospital. After just a few visits, the pain started to lessen and he is helping me heal my nerves and get my life back.

Dr. Alavi has an extensive knowledge of integrative medicine, acupuncture and how the body works as a whole. He is patient, listens and really cares about your whole health.

I would highly recommend Dr. Alavi to anyone experiencing pain issues!
CAT E. Poway, CA
Working in the medical field I'm used to being on the side of helping fix others, being compassionate and caring, more of the caretaker role. However, after injuring my back I became a patient and the roles were quickly reversed. I immediately knew who the best person to see me was and that was Dr. Matt Alavi. My patients have always given such positive feedback on Dr. Alavi and and now I had a chance to experience this firsthand. He is, without a single doubt, stupendous. He is caring, patient, compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and very skilled. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients are informed on their treatment and also comfortable with it. I am feeling so much better thanks to Dr. Alavi and I'm walking away with nothing but having had a positive experience from him and his staff. Kudos to Dr. Alavi at ActiveMed Integrative Health Center.
Joe T. Alpine, CA
Dr. Alavi absolutely knows his stuff! I've gone to him for several reasons. First -I had numerous stress fractures in my foot from running that always took about 6 months to heal. Once Dr. Alavi treated my injuries, the recovery time reduced from 6 months to 6 weeks! Then I tried everything to get my menstrual cycle back, I did not have a period for over eight years. Dr. Alavi treated me for this issue with acupuncture and herbs, now I get regular periods every month. I never needed birth control or any other medications that the western medicine doctors always try prescribing. I'm telling you, this place is amazing! And they accept most insurance plans!
Jenny J. Oceanside, CA
I have had the best experience at ActiveMed Integrative Health Center. All my treatments are done by Matt Alavi. I came in with some anxiety but Matt put me at ease right away. For every question I had, he had an answer. I would recommend anyone who has a health issue to go to ActiveMed.
T. J. Encinitas, CA
I've had a phenomenal experience at with Dr. Matt Alavi. I was somewhat apprehensive about trying acupuncture, but Dr. Alavi put me at ease and I even forgot he was sticking me with stacks of sharp needles. The pain relief is fantastic, and my only regret is that I didn't learn about the benefits of acupuncture earlier in life. Give them a call and head over to Poway, you'll love the results.
Ken B. San Diego, CA
The treatment and service for ActiveMed has been professional and effective. The office staff is courteous and helpful, and I have always been made to feel comfortable and cared for by the practitioners. I would definitely recommend this office for integrative medicine and for all around health advice. I was treated successfully for tendinitis in both of my arms and for pain and healing of back trauma after a car accident. Thank you Matt Alavi and ActiveMed!
Scott F. Encinitas, CA
Matt has treated me on multiple occasions and each and every time has been a pleasant experience. His knowledge and understanding far surpasses those whom I have used in the past. I would strongly and confidently recommend Matt & his practice to anyone interested in the healing attributes of acupuncture.
Bryce M. Oceanside, CA
Awesome experience! By far one of the best things I could have done for my health, and this is by far one of the best places I could have done it!
Dusty T. CA
I have been a patient of Matt Alavi's for at least 6 years now. He has seen me through so many of life's twists and turns and has shown me how he truly cares for his patients with empathy, a listening ear and attention to the whole body to achieve health. I have lost count on how many times I have recommended him to friends and family. If you are looking for a health practitioner who genuinely cares for his patients and will work FOR you, is on YOUR side and cares to see you get healthy….this is your place! He has a gift of intuition and he won't treat you if he doesn't feel like he can help you (but I think the reality for that is really small). He has helped so many people experience health in ways they couldn't have imagined. Thank you Matt and ActiveMed for everything!!
Jamie W
I have come here several times for acupuncture and massage. The front desk was very helpful and personable. The office is clean and has a warm feel. I started coming because I had chronic lower back pain and after 6 weeks of treatments my pain is much more manageable and I even have pain free days! Thank you so much!
Misha T. San Diego, CA
Love working with Matt at ActiveMed. He knows his stuff. Could not recommend more highly!
Adam S. Carlsbad, CA
My knee had been bothering me for weeks. Nothing, including rest, seemed to fix it. I'd never received acupuncture before so I thought it was worth a shot. Dr. Alavi relieved my knee pain with one treatment and by the next day I was totally back to normal.
David D. Encinitas, CA
Wow! Where to begin with all the great things I have to say about Dr. Matt Alavi and ActiveMed Integrative Health Center. If you've never had acupuncture it can be a little intimidating. However, Dr. Alavi addresses all of your concerns, answers all of your questions and holds your hand through the entire process. He is highly skilled and extremely compassionate. I do work in the medical field so becoming a patient is not something I anticipated happening. However, I knew that Dr. Alavi from working in the medical field and knew I wanted to see him. I have only positive feedback regarding the whole experience. Everything from scheduling to treatments. I'm feeling better than I have in a long time and can honestly say that having Dr. Alavi work with me on this journey has made all the difference. If you're contemplating acupuncture, don't hesitate. Discuss your concerns with him and let him be part of your healing process. You won't be disappointed.
Jo T. Alpine, CA
I have suffered with pain for the last 4 years, I been taking pain pills for the longest time ever. I have never even considered Acupuncture to help with my condition (I have osteoarthritis of both hips). I went in just for the heck of it and today I can say I have been PAIN FREE for the past 3 days.. It took 12 visits, it depends how long you have had your condition on how fast the treatment will work on you. That's what I was told by the provider. I am also taking supplement to help and eating healthier recommended by my provider. I will not stop going, I will continue with my treatments. I LOVE ACUPUNCTURE, even though I was afraid of needles and I still am, you just don't feel them too much. I'M A VERY HAPPY PATIENT... I recommended them to everyone that suffers from chronic pain, it doesn't matter what it is.
Veronica A. Murrieta, CA
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