COVID Long Haul Therapy


Are you still suffering from COVID-19 symptoms like brain fog, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, and fatigue? We offer a variety of therapies to assist with the ongoing health issues that some individuals experience after recovering from COVID-19.

The most common treatment that we have seen offer relief and improved immune response, is NAD IV Therapy. NAD IV therapy involves the administration of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) through intravenous (IV) infusion. NAD is a coenzyme found in all cells of the body and plays a crucial role in various biological processes, including energy metabolism and DNA repair. NAD IV therapy typically results in increased energy, improved cognitive function, and potential anti-aging effects. NAD IV Therapy also helps replenish fluids and nutrients in the body, improves hydration, and supports immune function.

It is important to discuss any potential risks and side effects with a healthcare provider before undergoing treatment. Additionally, the effectiveness of these treatments may vary from person to person, and multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results.

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