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Toxins Out: Acupressure Detox Points You Should Know

Do you suffer from recurring joint or back pains? You may need to detox, as too many toxins in your body may be causing those pains.

Detoxification often involves a radical change in one’s diet. Depending on the current state of your health, diet, stress level, exercise regimen, as well as medical history, you may experience side effects during a body cleanse. The common side effects include headaches, nausea, fatigue, and disrupted sleep patterns. Good thing, there are ways to ease those side-effects, such as acupuncture, a Chinese medicinal practice that involves stimulating particular points of the body using fine needles.

Here are a few acupressure detox points that can help flush the toxins out:

1. Three Yin Crossing

This detox point, located right above the inner ankle bone, stimulates proper blood flow through the entire body. So, it helps in reducing back pain, knee pain, persistent dizziness, and painful menstruation.

2. Shu Mansion

Shu Mansion is a detox point located right below the collarbone. Putting pressure on this point through acupuncture helps in regulating the functions of the kidneys — organs that play a significant role in flushing toxins out. It also does wonders in addressing some breathing problems, such as asthma, chest tightness, and nasal congestion.

3. Union Valley

Found between the thumb and the index finger, the Union Valley is an acupressure point that you should stimulate if you want to get rid of toxins and treat your acne, allergies, and other skin disorders. Stimulating this point also helps in managing toothaches, eye problems, and fever. Getting rid of harmful toxins does not only cleanse your body, but it also helps you manage some of your body pain.

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