Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are about to be here and soon we will be surrounded by our loved ones, joy, laughter, and cheer. As we prepare for the holiday season bringing us all together to enjoy and reminisce about the past year, we might come across our goals we were hoping to achieve.

If one of your goals was to be healthier this year, it doesn’t have to take a break during the holiday season. Here are some quick tips to help you to stay healthy during this time of year:

  • Wash your hands as much as possible. When you’re around so many people both in your home and at the store, it is easy for germs to spread. I know it may be tempting to want to eat those chips straight out the bag when you’re starving, but unless you washed your hands as you left the store, you might be putting yourself at risk in getting this season’s virus. It’s always good to spread holiday cheer, but we don’t want to spread the germs that are near.
  • Don’t forget to take your vitamins. Taking a good quality multivitamin can keep your immune system strong and if you aren’t taking them consistently, you will be more prone to getting the flu this season. Make sure you are taking a high-grade vitamin which has food-grade ingredients as well.  Taking them with breakfast every morning is a good idea.
  • Drink plenty of water. By staying hydrated, you will  be able to keep the flow of nutrients in your blood spread out in your body. You are mostly made of water so your body needs a good amount of it (at least 8 glasses a day!) to keep the headaches away and prevent you from being dehydrated.
  • Use a good probiotic. When you have a good probiotic, your body is able to digest your food easier which creates less bloat for you after a big Thanksgiving meal. A good probiotic also supports a healthy microbiome and immunity in your body’s framework which will be helpful in preventing the flu.
  • Take some time for yourself. When the kids are home from school, it may be hard to find that time where you can just stop and think. If you have family and friends over for the holidays, it can also be hard to find time for yourself when you are busy hosting the fun. Try taking a warm bath, doing a meditation when you first wake up (hopefully before the kids do!), or get a massage and have your partner take care of things at home. When your cup is full, it’ll be easier to share in the energy of everyone around you without feeling drained.
  • Write it out in your journal. If you are feeling stressed and bogged down with working your butt off to provide for buying gifts or saving to travel during New Year’s Eve or if you’re stressed about having to see extended family or your in-laws, write it out in your journal. Write out all of your worries and frustrations and release them onto your paper so that you don’t have to release them on others during this hectic time of year.
  • Remember to eat some fruits and vegetables. Boost your immune system by eating your fruits and veggies for the extra vitamins you need to protect against the flu. During your holiday gatherings, try to add some fruit and vegetables for extra fiber and nutrients.
  • Try not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth too much. When you touch these parts of your body, you are more likely to spread the germs that are on your hands to your immune system. These body parts are the gateways to your health so you don’t want them to be infected by things you pick up at a party or at the store.
  • Carry hand sanitizer. If you know you’ll be out and aren’t sure if there will be bathrooms close by, it is always a good idea to carry hand sanitizer to play it safe. Hand sanitizer can destroy the germs on your hands and allow you to eat without too many worries.
  • Exercise. When you exercise, your body becomes stronger and heightens your ability to withstand any viruses or germs that you may come into contact with. Take a longer brisk walk with your dog, try a new hike if the weather is nice enough, or go running at the beach.

If you are interested in learning more about how to be healthy during this holiday season, come to our FREE class lead by Dr. Dana Steindorf, L.Ac. on November 7th, 2018 from 6:30 PM-8:00 PM at our Poway location as she discusses ways to keep up with your goals and keep away from all the sniffles during your festivities this year. Spots are limited so please RSVP by calling us at 858-673-4400! We hope to see you there!

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