Osteoarthritis Relief Found in PRP

Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis prevents a lot of people, particularly seniors, from being mobile. The dilemma is that it is even more important for those who are advanced in their years to stay active. Despite this pressing need, it can be an excruciating task to stay mobile while in the midst of severe knee pain. The loss of knee cartilage brings about swelling and mobility problems, making it difficult to stay active.

Pain medication helps soothe the inflammation, but it’s an inefficient solution to a problem that may only get worse. A more effective solution is platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, a widely recognized treatment for osteoarthritis. San Diego residents can come to us at ActiveMed Health to find relief for severe knee problems or just to relieve basic knee aches and pains, PRP therapy will be a welcome break from the short-lived effect of taking painkillers and prescription drugs.

Unprecedented Joint Relief

A recent in-depth study on PRP shows everything you need to know about the procedure. Out of the 22 patients, 17 had documented cases of increasing pain alleviation. The study took into account several variables, including Activity of Daily Living, VAS and WOMAC scores, and saw vast improvements among the patients.

The risks of PRP therapy are minimal and the rewards are great. It’s definitely worth a try for seniors who’ve been looking for long-term relief from their knee problems. The effects last considerably longer than the usual modes of therapy and pain management; possibly even longer than that if you take better care of your health. It’s also a lot less painful, since it’s a non-surgical, minimally invasive injection therapy.

PRP was once the “hottest thing” in sports medicine, so hot that celebrity athletes and high-profile personalities were among the first ones to opt for it. Now, even regular people use PRP on a regular basis. Its efficiency has made it readily available as more and more practices now offer the therapy. At ActiveMed Health, you can rest assured that our alternative treatments provide definite results.

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