Integrative Medicine

This area of medicine happens to be attracting a lot of attention presently. There are many models, philosophies, and interpretation of the term “Integrated Medicine.” As our world changes so does pathology, etiology (the cause of disease) and the pathogens in which we, as physicians, must adapt our treatments to. Hence, the integration of diverse medical philosophies to tailor a treatment protocol that is patient centered and individually tailored to that specific patient’s needs. Taking into consideration the recent scientific findings of the interaction and communication of the mind, body and spirit, many ancient medical treatments are now finding efficacy and gaining popularity.

We Have a Few questions for you:

  • Would you rather be wealthy or just not poor?
  • Would you rather be intelligent or just not stupid?
  • Would you rather be healthy or just not sick?
Integrative Medicine

The point is that health is not simply being symptom-free but maintaining health to prevent imbalance so that disease does not occur. Integrative medical panels are groups consisting of Doctors of Traditional Western Medicine, Doctors of Eastern Medicine, Psychologists, massage therapists, physical therapists, meditation-mind/ body/ spirit disciplines, nutritionists, hypnotherapists, and other fields of energy healers all working together without ego and with one goal…to provide the patient with the premiere health care that is needed.

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