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Does Acupuncture Help in Balancing the Thyroid Hormones?

Thyroid hormonal imbalance results in either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Both disorders involve the production of abnormal amounts of thyroid hormones; the first condition has to do with too much thyroxine, while the latter has to do with too little.

Both conditions can cause unpleasant symptoms that may affect your everyday life. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, anxiety and diarrhea; while skin problems, sensitivity to cold, and constipation are associated with hypothyroidism.

Yin/Yang Imbalance

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) views both kinds of thyroid disorders as a Yin/Yang imbalance. Once you have addressed the so-called imbalance in your body, the thyroid gland will start producing a normal amount of thyroxine. TCM treats these conditions with a combination of acupuncture, natural or herbal medicine, and dietary therapy — traditional methods known for re-balancing an individual’s Yin and Yang.

Deficiency in Kidney Energy

Several studies also suggest that thyroid disorders, especially hypothyroidism, are closely related to a deficiency in kidney energy. One study from Shanghai Medical University in China, for instance, found improvements among hypothyroid patients treated for one year with herbal medicine and acupuncture which stimulated the kidney meridians.

Considered as a yin meridian, the kidney meridian controls the development of bones and nourishes the marrow, which is the source of red and white blood cells or the qi in oriental medicine. When you stimulate the kidney meridian, you not only improve the energy in your kidney, but you also make the qi flow better throughout your body. In turn, the imbalances in your body, including those which affect your thyroid hormones, will be treated – and you’ll have a healthy thyroid gland, once again.

Though TCM is an effective way to treat thyroid disorders, you have to remember that there are specific herbal formulas or pressure points you need to use or stimulate to rebalance the abnormal level of thyroxine in your body. It is best to get herbal medicine and acupuncture from a trusted provider in Encinitas.

If you want to learn more about TCM for thyroid diseases, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to provide you with further information.

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