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Dealing with Depression and Mood Disorders? Try Acupuncture

Individuals with depression and mood disorders looking for a natural way to relieve their symptoms may find a promising solution in acupuncture.

Several factors, including poor nutrition, injury, stress, or a change in environment can disrupt the movement of an energy force known as Qi in Chinese medicine. This energy moves throughout the body via the meridians, and disrupting that energy can result in issues with a person’s health.

Following this logic, certain professionals believe that a problem in the circulation of Qi could also cause mental health disorders. To alleviate depression and other mood disorders they actively tapped into the potential of acupuncture as a treatment.

A Promising Alternative

Depression and mood disorders may not have the same triggers, but treatment for both is likely to involve pharmaceutical products. Professionals usually mitigate the symptoms of depression and mood disorders with antidepressants and mood stabilizing medications, psychological treatments or a combination of both.

However, many people who suffer from these disorders feel apprehensive about taking prescription drugs. Fortunately, for those who choose to remove medications from the equation, a study published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies discovered that even a 20-minute acupuncture session could minimize the effects of anxiety — a symptom commonly associated with depression and mood disorders.

Restoring Control

According to the researchers, acupuncture allows the individual to regain control of his or her body by slowing down the body’s production of stress hormones.

Practitioners often use what is known as The Four Gates when using acupuncture to alleviate symptoms of depression or mood disorders. This method involves the stimulation of source points on the hands, specifically between the index finger and thumb, as well as on the feet, between the big toe and the second toe.

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