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Acupuncture: “Barely There” Pain

With needles as one of the hallmarks of acupuncture, it’s hard for a patient not to ask about pain. Injections are generally seen as a painful experience, and acupuncture is sometimes associated with the discomfort of an injection. Many people are still not acquainted with the method and benefits of acupuncture; as such, questions will arise.

The sensation of acupuncture usually varies from person to person, but it’s rarely anything extremely or even moderately painful. The needles are unlike the hypodermic sorts that are used in medical clinics; a more apt comparison is that it’s possible to fit multiple acupuncture needles into one hypodermic needle. This is one of the reasons that pain in acupuncture ranges from mild to passing, to nothing at all.

More than that, ActiveMed Health further ensures the efficiency of the treatment by only employing fully qualified acupuncturists. It’s a principle by which we abide by in order to offer our patients the best possible care.

Why Credentials Matter

Education matters as much in acupuncture as it does in traditional medical training. After all, learning a 3000-year old healing technique is no simple task. In addition, there’s a sense of perfection to studying acupuncture. It’s necessary to have an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree in acupuncture, and while the premise of the healing dabbles in non-physical remedies, students rely on hard science to help them more accurately apply the treatment.

An intricate and extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, combined with a solid grasp of pathology and acupuncture itself, enables licensed providers to perform precise and predominantly pain-free treatments. There can be no room for error during the treatment.

The ultimate goal of acupuncture is to allow energy and blood to flow freely to every part of the body, and restore normal functions. It also provides the benefit of pain and spasm relief, decreases inflammation and increases range of motion. As for the frequency of the treatment, it’s something best discussed personally. We’ll provide a better analysis of your situation in our clinic, so if you want to try this traditional yet proven form of treatment, come to ActiveMed Health.

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